Treat your mom right with these Mother's Day gift and activity ideas

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. Are you ready?

Hopefully you didn’t forget to get a gift for your mom or the other mother figures in your life, whether that’s an aunt, a friend or your grandma. If you did forget (it happens), we’re here to help you choose both a gift and an appropriate outfit for a variety of Mother’s Day activities, including brunch mimosas and a picnic with the whole fam. If you can’t make it home, make sure to call Mom and let her know you love her. And send a card, like, today. Okay? Okay.

Sunday brunch.

If your Mother’s Day tradition is a Sunday brunch, complete with pastries and mimosas, try your best not to show up hungover. Bring Mom a bouquet of beautiful flowers from one of Minneapolis’ best florists. Or, give her a potted plant (everyone loves peace lilies). Bachmann’s is recommended, as the employees are friendly and give the best advice for keeping a plant alive. Another idea for a Sunday brunch gift -- besides picking up the tab -- is a gift basket of her favorite things, whether that’s wine, cooking supplies, or body care products from L’Occitane.

Family picnic.
My mom’s family used to have a big Mother’s Day picnic when I was a kid, and I always looked forward to it. If your fam does something similar, weather permitting, bring Mom her fave wine so she can sip it as you enjoy the weather. And most definitely wear something gingham, a la a classic picnic blanket. This cute two-piece from Proper has pockets.

Family dinner.
Fancy family dinner is an excellent option for Mother’s Day. (Especially if Dad picks up the check.) You don’t have to get all dressed up if you don’t want to, but bring something special along for Mom, like an assortment of natural skincare from Hazel & Rose, or a Jo Malone candle from Blue Mercury in the Galleria.

Hang out at home.
If Mom is a homebody and just wants to chill with you on Sunday, bring her some cozy gifts that will keep her thinking of you (not that she isn’t thinking about you 24/7). Consider a cute, locally-made mug, like this one, from i like you, or a cozy cashmere-blend scarf that she can wear to work when the AC is blasting away, or your latest favorite book. You could also sign Mom up for the Book of the Month club if she’s still missing the Oprah Book Club.

If Mom really wants to go to church on Mother’s Day, don’t complain. Go with her, dress appropriately, and give her a gorgeous piece of earthy jewelry from local designer Larissa Loden to wear on Sunday. Done and done.

A phone call.
If Mom lives too far away to visit for the weekend, at least send her a card, dammit. And send her flowers, too. Or, if you’re short on time, take to Amazon Prime and send her a gift basket. Don’t be cheap. Go ham on Prime and send her a selection of goodies to make up for the fact that you're not home. You gotta pick up the phone and call her too, though. She gave you life, so make an effort.