Travel + Leisure: Minneapolis-St. Paul is a great place to be lonely

Imagine how many single people there are in those buildings!

Imagine how many single people there are in those buildings! Glenn Stubbe, Star Tribune

Break up with your boyfriend, Twin Cities. 

Turns out we are one of the best areas in American to be unattached, hot, and looking to hook up. 

This flattering news comes to Minneapolis-St. Paul via Travel + Leisure, which put the metro area at No. 10 on its list of "America's Best Cities for Singles." That's three spots ahead of Chicago, and nine places better than San Francisco, whose residents get labeled "good-looking but also a little snobby."

The rankings are based on reader surveys of about 38 cities, which were judged on qualities such as the attractiveness of the local population and whether your town has "hipster-magnet coffee bars." (Unclear if this was seen as a positive trait.)

Miami finished No. 1, thanks to "gorgeous locals," a ton of bars and nightclubs, and large amounts of sand.

Anyway, here's how the entry for Minneapolis-St. Paul begins: 

"These Minnesotans made readers swoon for being the smartest, fittest, and friendliest in the nation—and they also ranked at the top for being gay-friendly."

That's what we've been trying to tell you guys! We're smart, we're hot, we're nice, and we don't judge people. Unless we're judging them for being insufficiently smart, hot, and nice. 

The travel magazine encourages horny people in the Twin Cities to find each other in "scenic parks," bookstores, or independent local clothing outlets. (Or take it from us, and head to the "Best of" categories for where to meet single [straight] women or straight guys, and the best places to find the right gay man or lesbian.) 

"Strike up a conversation over craft brews," they write, "at the 'breakfast-to-beer' micropub Freehouse, in the North Loop, or at the new Surly Brewing beer hall on Malcolm Avenue."

Great ideas. Again, first, make sure you've dumped your significant other. Or, if you're one of the lucky ones, you already have no one special in your life.

And you're beginning to wonder if there's anyone out there for you at all. Not even looking for a "soulmate" -- what's that word even mean, anyway? -- or like some torrid love affair from a movie. Just someone whose presence you can tolerate for more than 14 minutes at a time, and vice versa. 

Great news! If you're going to find that person, a national travel magazine says you might as well start looking here. 

The flattering report was noticed by Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges, who tweeted a link to it, but seems to have forgotten to mention a certain town which was also recognized on the list.