TPT Pets offers shows for cats, puppies, ferrets


[UPDATE: Bummer! It turns out they actually were kidding. Despite making the announcement on March 31, it appears this is indeed an April Fools' Day thing.]

TPT already has stations offering programming for children, foodies, and folks interested in local politics. But what about television for puppies, ferrets, and cats? That gaping demographic hole will be filled this week, as TPT is adding a new channel for animals, TPT Pets (TPTP).

No, we're not kidding. It's probably going to be incredibly adorable viewing for pet owners as well.

"While we're really proud of the work Rewire has already begun on pioneering efforts such as TV Takeover and Are You MN Enough?, it's become clear that if we truly wish to transform the public media landscape, we need to reach out to new audiences - and that includes cats, dogs, and even ferrets," Andi McDaniel states on the station's announcement page.

Scheduled programming appears to be a mix of shows for pet owners and shows actually for pets. There's heartwarming documentary-style series like My Bionic Pet (watch a paralyzed baby pig roll around a field on wheels!), science-filled discovery shows like Your Inner Fish (apparently we really are all lizard people), and live-cam footage of kittens playing with yarn (entertaining for cats, dogs, and insomniacs). One of the more interesting items on the schedule is what TPT calls a "separation anxiety" block of programming intended to sooth cats and dogs who get lonely and anxious when their owners leave for work in the morning.

TPT Pets will launch this Sunday, April 6 at 10 a.m. with an episode of MN Original featuring Actual Wolf on channel 2.6. Be on the lookout for ambient animal shows and educational programming for puppies to follow.