Top tweets from Wizard World Minneapolis Comic Con

— Wizard World (@WizardWorld) May 3, 2014 This weekend, folks at the Minneapolis Convention Center got their nerd on at Wizard World's Minneapolis Comic Con. The event covered a mind-boggling number of fandoms -- including Star Trek, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Dr. Who, Nightmare on Elm Street -- with talks, meet-and-greets, costume contests, screenings, and more over the course of three days.

Like any good nerd summit, folks were online and tweeting about all the shenanigans, be it great examples of cosplay, awesome art created on site, or celebrity encounters. We've put together a list of some of our favorite tweets from over the weekend.

If only more selfies were as awesome as this:

Some of the onsite artwork coming out of artist alley was pretty great:

Karen Gillan greeted fans on Saturday:

And then, there was this mystery:

Which we eventually solved:

And apparently this group of bananas got around this weekend:

So, this happened:

Huh. This is not a mashup we'd expect, either:

More awesome artwork from the artist alley:

Things got a little hectic right before the Matt Smith meet-and-greet:

But once thigns started he was charming and hilarious, of course:

Whenever we spotted Michael Rooker, he appeared to be having a really great time:

Yes, we witnessed yet another Comic Con proposal:

It was also a Star Wars holiday this weekend: