Top five places to make out in the Twin Cities

Public displays of affection can be a rush. And with this Thursday being Valentine's Day, it's in season. Although just about any location in the Twin Cities is a game spot for making out, some places are ideal because they offer better privacy or a more romantic setting. Here's our top picks for those who want to lock lips in public.

Sculpture Garden/Walker Art Center

On some Saturdays the Sculpture Garden is filled with tourists, wedding parties, and small children. However, if you avoid the Spoonbridge and Cherry, or visit on a weekday, there are plenty of private public areas great for lip locks. Wander under the hanging vines sculpture, or find a spot near the big glass fish. If the weather is too cold for outdoor kissing, the Walker Art Center offers plenty of quiet nooks as well, including audio benches, dark rooms screening films, and low-trafficked stairways where you can kiss between passionate discussions on modern art.

Prohibition Bar

The bar's bed is probably the most notorious hook-up spot in this posh man-den located on the 27th floor of the Foshay. But folks looking for something a little more subtly sexy will be pleased to find plenty of overstuffed leather couches ideal for cuddling, candlelit corners, and even a secluded loft area perfect for smooching.

Top five places to make out in the Twin Cities

The Kissing Room at the Local

Who knew a broom closet could be so spontaneously sexy? The swinging doors keep the raucous bar antics out, allowing lovers plenty of privacy should they feel the sudden need to canoodle.

Magers & Quinn Booksellers

Frankly, any bookstore will do, but the winding bookshelves and private corners of Magers & Quinn make for fun fooling around before or after a drink at a nearby bar or taking in a movie. The 'religion' and 'mystical' sections are particularly low on traffic.

Uptown Theatre balconies at a midnight showing

Sure, making out at the movies can be a little pedestrian. But revisiting something considered adventurous for teens can still give grownups a bit of a giddy rush, too. The newly renovated theater offers adult kicks as well, as those of age can order up wine, beer, and cocktails.

Honorable mentions:

The Como Park and Conservatory
Marvel Bar
Bradstreet Crafthouse
Date night at King's Wine Bar, Bryant-Lake Bowl, or the Red Stag
IKEA (or any department store with a bed, for that matter)

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