Top films and television shows that inspire cosplay

As the Official Twilight Convention swings into town this weekend, fans will presumably bust out their best vampire  costumes. Events scheduled include Twilight karaoke, a vampire masquerade ball, and other activities that encourage participants to don costumes.

And while the series doesn't really lend itself to strong cosplay, a.k.a. costume role playing, many other popular television shows and movies do. We've put together a top list of pop-culture phenomenons that have inspired awesome looks by fans--or are really popular at least. Some are classics, others more obscure, some very new. Take a look after the jump. 

Top films and television shows that inspire cosplay
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Harry Potter

There are pros and cons to dressing up Harry Potter style. First, anyone with a blazer, pleated skirt, and rounded glasses can do it. You also won't freeze or be forced to dress overly sexy to get the look. You don't need makeup, unless you want to do the lightening bolt scar. It's an ideal costume for a cool weather occasion, but you won't necessarily amaze people with your look the way that costumes from other genres can.

Top films and television shows that inspire cosplay
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Star Wars

This series offers a variety of looks for every body shape. Ladies can sex it up with the "slave Leia" look, go for comfort with the buns and flowy white dress, or show off their flair for drama with full-out Queen Amidala. A jedi in training can get the look easily with a beige bathrobe and some leggings and a plastic light saber. Dudes willing to make an investment can rock a Darth Vader suit or storm trooper costume, or go simple with a Hans Solo black vest, black jeans, and toy gun.

Top films and television shows that inspire cosplay
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Star Trek

Of all the cosplay looks out there, this is one of the more classic ones. Rock the Enterprise's mod work wear with some cool boots and retro '50s hair, or go goth and glue a klingon forehead on. Either way, no one will ask "Who are you supposed to be?" when you show up at the GenCon dance party.

Top films and television shows that inspire cosplay
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Needless to say, this one requires A LOT of blue body paint. Although we appreciate the enthusiasm and overall effect, we shudder to think what your bathtub and sink looks like after a day of rocking this look. Buy lots of cold cream for makeup removal.

Top films and television shows that inspire cosplay
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The Big Lebowski

This might seem like one of the easiest of flicks to emulate, but it's more difficult than one might presume. Although the greasy hair, bathrobe, and flip-flops look of the Dude is an easy one to cop, Jesus the bowling pedophile, avant-garde artist Maude, and the Nihilists take a lot more commitment in order to work.

Top films and television shows that inspire cosplay
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Sailor Moon

Who doesn't love crossing the super-hero aesthetic with a Japanese school girl outfit? Add in some wild hairdos and enough characters to go around for each of your girlfriends, and you have a good time. Added bonus: If you have a boyfriend who is reluctant to dress up, this is an easy one. Throw on a mask and give him a rose, and voila, you have Tuxedo Mask.

Top films and television shows that inspire cosplay
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Venture Bros.

This popular cartoon allows for tons of looks for the guys, from leotards with butterfly wings to pale pink jump suits. But ladies who love the Venture Bros. have to commit to showing skin. Choose between Dr. Mrs. The Monarch or Molotov Cocktease. Double-sided tap is mandatory.

Top films and television shows that inspire cosplay
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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Unless you are rocking the Janet or Brad look, Rocky Horror is an equal opportunity flick for sexy costumes. Whether you're a lad or a lady, you're probably not going to be wearing much clothing. For guys that have longed to rock a gold bikini bottom, or a corset and heels, this fandom is for you. Ladies can have fun with pink hair color, tap shoes, and top hats.

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