Top 90210 moments on 9/02/10

Top 90210 moments on 9/02/10
Frenemies forever

Screw the upcoming 10/10/10. Today's date adds up to one of the most craptacular shows of the '90s: Beverly Hills 90210. The show followed Brandon and Brenda Walsh, twin teens from Minnesota, as they dealt with the culture shock of attending high school in the affluent zip code. And then they went to college. And then some had kids. And then they got jobs. And then Donna Martin finally got married. Seriously, the show never ended (and it's back with a successful reboot). In honor of the original teen smash hit, we present you with five of our favorite old-school 90210 moments.  

"I hate you both! Never talk to me again!"

Brenda spends a summer abroad only to return and find herself in a love triangle between her boyfriend Dylan McKay and her best friend, Kelly Taylor. Eventually Dylan chooses the blonde. Brenda takes the news badly and lays a smack-down on the two, who stare on in horror.

Donna Martin graduates

School officials warn students that anyone caught drinking at prom will not graduate from high school. Unfortunately champagne brings out Donna's inner lush. She gets wasted, and then caught. Fortunately, the much beloved St. Donna has the entire student body on her side, who rally in protest. Tori Spelling wishes she were this popular.

Dylan saves Brandon's life

Witness some old-school bromance. Aw.

Kelly Taylor chooses herself

In 90210 love triangle #485, Kelly tells her gentlemen callers to shove it because she would rather walk alone. Burn!

David Silver's rad musical skills

That David Silver; he was really fresh and hip hop. OK, we admit that we knew this was pretty bad at the time. Now that it is almost two decades later we fully understand how epically lame this is. Watch for the hilarious reaction shots.

Part 2:

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