Top 8 Gay Target Products

Top 8 Gay Target Products

Target Corp. has found itself in hot water over its $150,000 donation to MN Forward, which supports anti-gay gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. The company's head honcho, Gregg Steinhafel, has a long history of supporting conservative causes, including Crazy Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Yet Steinhafel was more than happy to line his pockets marketing products to the GLBT community. Here's 8 items currently on-sale at Target that will likely gather dust on the shelves during the boycott.

8. The Gay Happening CD series

This is a pretty standard dance collection, except for the man-meat flagrantly on display on the cover. One wonders how many times Gregg Steinhafel has stared into the dark recesses of these six-pack abs while listening to "I want your ******" by Jipsta.

7. How the Homosexuals Saved Civilization

Subtitled "the true and heroic story of how gay men shaped the modern world," this is one book that Gregg Steinhafel would surely judge by its cover. Read it and you'll understand the sizable contribution gays make to straight culture--from language to fashion to restaurants.

6. Gay Republicans

You won't find this movie in Gregg Steinhafel's VCR, even if it is for sale in his stores. This documentary follows Log Cabin Republicans during the 2004 presidential campaign. Of course, there's also a lot of closeted gay conservatives.

5. Anderson Cooper's book

This has nothing whatsoever to do with homosexuals. We just think Anderson Cooper is an excellent anchor.


4. Guide to Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Uh-Oh! Michele Bachmann and her Tea-Bagger Caucus are not going to like this one! Not only does this book advocate allowing gays and lesbians to marry--it actually wants to help them have a fabulous wedding!

3. Queer as Folk

Among the top-selling gay products at Target are the five seasons of this revolutionary series. Perhaps it was able to sneak onto Target's shelves because Gregg Steinhafel didn't understand the double entendre in the title?

2. The L Word

Coming in right behind Queer as Folk in gay-themed sales at Target Corp., this series is the other side of the coin: the experience of lesbians. Gregg Steinhafel may find the idea titillating, but real life isn't nearly as sexy--especially when major corporations market to you while working behind the scenes to take away your rights.

1. Inside Him

Yes, Target sells gay erotica.

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