Top 5 costumes: Sexiest, most badass, group effort, and more


Some people create their Halloween costumes out of detritus from the closet, others buy something pre-packaged from Target, and others put their blood, sweat, and tears into creating something truly awesome. When these people walk through the door, stand at the bar, or take to the dance floor you can't help but gawk at the awesomeness. They simply make the party.

This weekend, City Pages photographers were out in full force capturing images of these people and their costumes. We've put together a series of top 5 lists ranging from best overall, to sexiest, to most badass, to best group effort. Some are creative, others are hilarious, while others are lovely.

We start with Best Overall Costumes after the jump.  [jump] Top 5 Best All-Around Costumes:

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Top 5 Sexiest Costumes:

Steve Zizzou from 'The Life Aquatic' strikes his iconic pose

Steve Zizzou from 'The Life Aquatic' strikes his iconic pose

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Top 5 Badass Costumes:

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Top 5 group costumes:

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Top 5 Dynamic Duos: