Tonight's movie night at the Germanic American Institute

Yes, it may be Friday the 13th today, but that's no reason to run out and scare yourself to death with a horror flick. Why not take a more enlightening route and check out the free film screening at the Germanic American Institute on Summit Avenue in St. Paul?

No Deutsch skills are necessary for this Kinoabend (movie night), because the film, CAN - the Documentary, will have subtitles. Lucky you. And even better, the documentary delves into the story of the avant-garde and edgy '60s German rock band CAN, complete with video clips and interviews.

​Directed by Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher in 1999, the film chronicles the band's peculiar beginnings and their influential career through exclusive interviews with the remaining band members, archival footage of their TV appearances, and clips from their live concerts . 

A progressive band of five members, none of them had musical roots in common. With backgrounds in gypsy music to jazz to street music, the five were able to become a versatile group with a sound that spread wide across the pop, jazz, folk, and rock music genres. 

The film also touches on CAN's influence on groups like Sonic Youth and Talking Heads. Interestingly enough, they also produced a great deal of German movie soundtracks over the years. For a glimpse of what their music sounds like live, check out their performance of "I'm Too Liese" on the German television network WDR in 1974.

The GAI's Kinoabend will commence with a social hour. Beer and wine will be available for purchase starting at 7 p.m.; the film will begin at 8 p.m. And in case you're interested in utilizing some German phrases, here are a few super easy words to help you fit right in: 

bier = beer [say beer] 
wein = wine [say vine] 
bitte =please [say bit-ta]
danke = thank you [say don-ka]
lecker = tasty! [say leck-her]
der Film war schlecht = the movie was bad [say der film var shlekt]
der Film war super = the movie was great! [say der film var zooper!]
CAN ist giel = CAN is cool! [say can ist guy-elle!]

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