TLC's 'What Not to Wear' coming to Minneapolis


Maybe you know someone who has an unfortunate love affair with Crocs or who has a closet filled with teddy-bear applique sweatshirts. Maybe this is where you finally try to nudge that person in the right direction--all while embarrassing him or her at the same time!--by nominating them to get help in front of a national audience via TLC's popular reality show, What Not To Wear

The show, which has become TLC's cornerstone program over the last seven seasons, is coming to Minneapolis and wants first dibs on our fashion victims.

City Pages received the rather intense press release from the WNTW crew about how you, our dear readers, could go about nominating someone in your life:

"Please keep in mind we are looking for women whose current wardrobes are SHOCKING in a bad way!!! Nominations must remain a secret from the person being nominated! To nominate someone for the show please send the following here

-Name of Nominee:

It's time for an intervention. Now.

It's time for an intervention. Now.

-Her Age:



-Marital Status:


-Home location:

-Describe her personality:

-Why should our show help her when she hasn't bothered to help herself? (Hint: lack of money or self-esteem is NOT the answer we are looking for)

-Describe her style in full detail:

-At least 4 pictures that illustrate her bad style (must show her clothing˜- no costumes!) -Nominator's (you!) name and contact information:

-Be sure to include photographs that display her terrible style. We must be convinced by these photos!!

No word on when exactly the plucky duo of Stacy London and Clinton Kelly will be in town, so if you do end up nominating someone, do so soon.  And copy us on the email as we'll conduct our own makeover contest with the entries that don't get chosen by the show at the end of the summer.

Good luck!