Tim Slagle talks politics: "Right now the only one that takes Donald Trump seriously is Donald Trump"


Tim Slagle calls himself a contrarian, which in these parts means he’s a right-leaning comedian and satirist. As Labor Day, the unofficial start of the presidential campaign, has passed, who better to chat with about the field on both sides of the fence?

So what are your overall thoughts on the 2016 presidential campaign?

It’s shaping up to be a fun one, isn’t it? You’ve got to hand it to Donald Trump for making it interesting. Although right now the only one that takes Donald Trump seriously is Donald Trump.

I think, and I hope I’m right, that the polls at this point are wrong. Because of the unusual nature of this election, the polls are not reflective of how this election is going to shake down. I really think people are saying they really like Trump because they really like Trump, but I can’t imagine that a lot of these people are going to go in and pull the lever for him. When they’re alone with themselves in that booth in front of that screen they’ll say, 'No, I can’t do this.' Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there is a genuine push behind someone that says what he thinks. The Tourette’s Party.

He may end up offending the entire electorate though.

I think that’s kind of been a problem with politics, that people look at segments. They don’t just look at people that vote, they look at the Hispanic segment, and the black segment, and the woman segment. It’s a political strategy, but it’s kind of wrong. In 2015 we should not be segregating people like that. I do believe that’s why comedy is so popular now. We’re so politically correct. Everything that’s said has to be measured against every singe demographic to make sure it’s clear. And Trump isn’t doing that.


So how do you think the rest of the clown car will shake out?

The clown car designation always cracks me up. They’ve been talking about the Republican clown car, but what’s really funny in the Democrat party right now is that you’re learning the wisdom of spending the whole circus budget on one clown. You’re just one escaped chimp away form losing the whole tent.

So do you think we could see a Bernie Sanders versus Marco Rubio contest?

Rubio has a lot of crossover appeal. I don’t think Hillary’s going to make it through the primaries. That’s my opinion. I think she’s in trouble. I don’t know how people don’t see this. She has literally violated laws. The only reason why she’s not been charged is because of who runs the Justice Department. They can pull the pin at any point. And I’m pretty sure that the Obama administration does not want her to be the nominee. Monica Crawley did a great article on that, saying that this administration is really concerned about its legacy, and doesn’t believe that Hillary will carry it on. He wants Biden. He wants a Biden/Warren ticket, and the day after that article came out Biden met with Warren.

Does a Biden loss preserve the Obama legacy?

I don’t know. I think there’s confidence in the administration that Biden can win. It’s the reality with most vice presidents. No matter how different the vice president is from the president — and I don’t think you’ll find a wider disparity than Obama and Biden — an administration that goes out well always hands it off to the vice president. It almost happened with Gore, it almost happened with Nixon, it did happen with George Herbert Walker Bush after Reagan. It happened with Truman. There’s a huge advantage in being vice president, but there’s no bigger joke than Joe Biden.

Are you forgetting Dan Quayle? But, then again the odds may be against Biden.

Unless Trump goes third party.

Do we need to get the money out of the process then, or do we leave it in?

There’s no way to get the money out. I know the left really likes that idea, it’s a real utopian ideal, but there’s absolutely no way to get the money out, and we shouldn’t want to either. The only way to get the money out of politics is by allowing the government to doll it out. You can’t spend a dime on a campaign unless the government gives it to you? At that point you’re allowing the government to validate candidates. That will have to happen. Once you allow the government to choose who runs, that’s no longer a democracy.


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