Tiffany Norton and Miss Shannan Paul team up for an all-new comedy experience

Miss Shannan Paul and Tiffany Norton

Miss Shannan Paul and Tiffany Norton

Twin Cities comedy favorites Tiffany Norton and Miss Shannan Paul are trying something brand-new this week, as they present their first-ever Undercover Comedy show this Wednesday at A440 Studios in New Hope.

“[A440 Studios] are big comedy fans and have wanted to do something with the comedy community for a long time,” says Norton. “They approached me with the idea, and Shannan and I thought it would be great.”

Part-live performance, part-video production, Paul says that the idea for this show was modeled after radio in-studio performances and recordings for musicians, something both women have seen quite a bit of in their time as radio personalities.

“It’s one of those experiences that not everyone gets,” says Paul. “It would be like seeing Rob Thomas in an intimate setting and getting to be a part of that recording process.”

Despite the odd choice of a Matchbox 20 comparison, the show promises to give the audience an experience unlike anything else in today’s local comedy scene.

“Tiffany and I are always trying to figure out a new challenge, a new sizzle,” Paul continues. “We’ve recorded stuff at New Hope Cinema Grill and Acme, and those are both great. This is just a different experience and a different kind of energy.”

In addition to full sets from the two leading ladies, the show will also feature the cabaret duo of Erin Schwab and Jay Fuchs, along with performances from Dan Armstrong, Ben Marcotte, and Riley Cosgrove.

While the crowd size and space will be smaller than they’re accustomed to, Norton says the show itself will be bigger and more grandiose than a normal show.

“We’re both very theatrical in nature,” she laughs. “I’ve got a shiny dress all picked out for this, they’ve got a grand piano. This is not going to be the same type of thing we’d do at a brewery.”

Norton and Paul are planning to use the video clips to submit to festivals, but also have their sights set on possibly bringing this type of show on the road.

“We definitely think this is something we could replicate,” Paul adds. “Maybe bring it on the road as a group to wineries and places like that.”

But for now, Norton and Paul are focused on this week’s performance. While they will be working on perfecting the recording, they are both quick to point out that the live show aspect is very important.

“We know how hard it is to get out, especially if you’re a working family,” Paul says. “It’s hard to decide when to use up your sitter time. That’s why we want this to be something special, where you can put on your fancy clothes, walk the red carpet, and play a part in this new thing we’re shooting.”

Norton is quick to add one caveat.

“But we are editing out anything that doesn’t make me look thin,” she says, sending Paul into a laughing fit. “If you’re in a shot where I don’t look good, we’re cutting it out. Sorry.”


Undercover Comedy
A440 Studios
4630 Quebec Ave. N., New Hope
$35 (includes beer, wine, and appetizers)
7 to 10 p.m. Wednesday, April 3
855-851-2440; click here for details