'Thriller' 101 dance class teaches undead moves tonight


Go ahead, admit it. You have tried to do Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance more than once, but maybe you never got the steps, claps, or ghoulish head bobs quite right. Well have no fear, because tonight there's a step-by-step "Thriller" class at the Sabes Jewish Community Center--just in time for you to be frightfully on cue for Halloween.

Conjure up the spirit of the King of Pop as a dancing zombie by learning the exact dance steps and sequences featured in the original music video for "Thriller." The 1983 song turned everything on its head by mixing filmmaking with the music video format for the first time, resulting in a 14-minute long musical narrative that people of all ages recognize instantly everywhere.

​Thanks in part to its enormous popularity, after Jackson's death many mass groups put together flash dance mobs in honor of his musical legacy. From Bucharest to San Francisco, huge groups of people essentially came out of nowhere, performing "Thriller" and other MJ dances to the surprise of passersby. A mainstay at weddings--and parties of any kind really--knowing the moves will definitely come in handy throughout your life. It's inevitable, really.

Tonight Monica Mohn will walk you through all of the steps from 6 to 7:30 p.m., so if another flash dance mob pops up in your area, you'll be ready. The one-time class does not require you to wear a zombie costume, but in celebration of Halloween, costumes are welcomed and encouraged. The cost is $16 a person, and $12 for members.

Check out various performances of "Thriller" below.