Three unique 5Ks: Rave, quest, and mud towards the finish line

It seems like you can turn anything into a 5K these days.

This Friday night, thousands of runners and walkers from all over the Twin Cities will put on their finest neon apparel and glow sticks for the Rave Run out at Valley Fair. Described by organizers as "candy for your eyes and ears," the event is just as much a party as it is a race, with music and light stations at every turn.

Raving isn't the only way to get your butt in gear this summer. Here are three races that for people who hate the idea of running down the road without anyone throwing mud, sweat, or glow sticks in their general direction. Check it.

The Rave Run (May 10, Valley Fair)

Founded just last year, the Rave Run turns your average, boring 5K race course into a carnival of neon, lights, and sound. On the surface, it's a standard 5K run/walk, but this course is like being in the movie Tron, except with slightly more Valley Fair and slightly less Jeff Bridges. 

Whether you're looking for a workout, a party, or you're just REALLY into glow sticks, the Rave Run is the ultimate race for people looking to rave on Friday night and not have the drug-guilt on Saturday morning.

LoziLu (June 22, Hugo)

There are a million mud runs these days. Every weekend, it seems like there's another race with obstacles, mud, and "the toughest 5K ever!" Those are all great, but only one is doing it just for the ladies. Not only is this a women-only event, but proceeds from LoziLu go to benefit leukemia and lymphoma patients. This year, the mud fest takes place in Hugo (which, according to Google, is a real city in Minnesota), and features obstacles like the "Lost Earring" (crawling under wires on your hands and knees), "Mani-Pedi" (over a wall, under a barrier), and "Tire-d" (hopping over an 8- or 10-foot wall). Even your prissiest girlfriends will love this super tough ladies-day which is way more fun than any First Avenue party bus you'll be on this summer.

Great Urban Race (July 13, Minneapolis)

Whether you like thinking or drinking, this is the race for you. The Great Urban Race sends teams of two all over Minneapolis, with mental clues and physical challenges that will push your limits. Best of all, this race isn't super physically demanding, so it's perfect for even the least athletic city folk. Another bonus: It's a lot like the movie Rat Race, which means you can live your dream of feeling like Cuba Gooding Jr. in Rat Race. And that's the real grand prize.

No matter what level of runner/walker/raver you are, this summer there are plenty of options to help you reach the finish line -- and to get super drunk after you're done.

Looking for a race, walk, or bike ride that is right for you? Check out our calendar of summer events requiring athleticism from you. We'll be adding more runs as dates are announced.

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