Three tips for internet cat video stardom


Tonight is the night, crazy cat folks. For the third year in a row, the cutest film festival ever created will dig its adorable little claws into the Twin Cities for the Internet Cat Video Festival. 

Taking place back where it started, the Walker Art Center, the Internet Cat Video Festival has become one of the most famous film fests in the country with thousands of people flocking to see the best that the internet has to offer. This year's event will be hosted by Tom Weber, co-host of MPR's The Daily Circuit, and features a special appearance by internet cat video icon Lil Bub. Attendees will also have the chance to vote for their favorite video of the night, which will be awarded the prestigious Golden Kitty Award.

While it's too late to enter your cat into this year's competition, there's about 364 days until next year's festival. To help you get started on your own viral video sensation, we're giving you three can't-lose tips for creating the ultimate cat video. Let the cuteness begin.

[jump] 1) The animal INSIDE the animal trick

This is pretty basic science: Cats by themselves? Cute. Cats dressed up? Stupid-cute. Cats dressed up as other animals? Take the rest of the day off because you're going to need to mentally reset yourself due to an overload of cuteness.

As for what type of animal you dress them up as, it's pretty open for interpretation. Dress them as dogs, horses, dragons, or even other cats (super meta). As long as there is a sassy feline somewhere inside that costume, it's an internet smash waiting to happen. For further proof, please see Shark Cat.

2) Provide a worthy nemesis

Every great hero needs a great villain. Granted, a lot of times cats make better villains than heroes, but you get the point. If you need to create some drama for your epic cat video, find a dog or some other animal who can play the worthy adversary to your four-legged friend.

And if your cat happens to end up turning the tables on the dog (or whatever animal you choose)? Now you have the ultimate anti-hero. Like the Walter White of cats, except with less meth dealing and more licking of their private areas.

3) Quantity over everything

While most cats are dying to grab their 15 minutes of fame, the reality is that some cats are just not as camera-ready as others. In this case, we recommend you go with the boy band philosophy, and bring a bunch of cute but only moderately talented cats together in order to form a kitty super-crew. In addition to being super adorbs, there's also a strong likelihood of someone becoming a breakout star (the Bobby Brown of New Edition, if you will).

No matter what kind of cat you own, the opportunity for viral super-stardom is just one quick camera phone video away. Head out to Walker tonight for more tips, and start prepping your cat for a stint in celebrity rehab now.


Internet Cat Video Festival

Walker Art Center

August 14, 6-10 p.m.

All ages, Free

Click here for more details