Three reasons the PedalPub is actually awesome

Three reasons the PedalPub is actually awesome

Over the past few days, we (the office-dwelling internet-surfers) have been following the spectacular train wreck that was the PedalPub crash. In its beer-soaked wake, PedalPub haters have piled on, using this opportunity to condemn both the company and those who choose to pedal.

Like a modern-day version of the cinematic masterpiece Wild Hogs (the 2007 classic starring Martin Lawrence and his hilarious biker bros who combat a gang of bikers who are terrorizing a local town), the PedalPub has been painted to look like Ray Liotta (the leader of the gang), with the various corners of the Twin Cities playing the part of the terrorized townspeople. 

In case you couldn't follow all of those family-friendly comparisons, I'm saying that PedalPub gets a bad rap. And it's kind of bullshit.

A quick perusal of the comments section on any story about PedalPub will be packed full of tales that begin with "One time I saw..." or "PedalPub sucks because..." or "Martin Lawrence got robbed of an Oscar for his performance in..."*, but the reality is that there isn't a lot of well-balanced debate. I think it's time to change that.

(*Spoiler: That one was me. And it was Wild Hogs.)

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1) People are scared of big cities, but love novelty drinking events

You know how people were taking a handful of stories about PedalPub accidents and using them to generalize ALL PedalPub experiences? The same thing happens with big cities. Whether it's comfort level, lack of experience, or one too many stories about random gang beatings, people who aren't in a city atmosphere are often scared of coming downtown. Trust me; everyone has at least one friend or relative who "doesn't feel comfortable" in the cities (this is classic Wild Hogs, like when William H. Macy is scared to talk to women because he has no practice). However, having a fun, gimmicky, safe activity (except for that whole crash thing, obviously) puts people's minds at ease, and gives them a reason to put their fears aside and see what city life is like. That means more money for local businesses, more exposure for the cool things happening in town, and a thriving, vibrant social scene that will continue to grow. 

Without that, you might as well just hand Del Fuegos the keys to the city and let them run wild.

2) We love being on lists

If there's one thing we love in Minnesota, it's being on lists. Most active, best place for young people, biggest Wild Hogs fan club, etc. Guess what? If you want to keep people active, and finding reasons to keep drinking (we also love our drinking), then you need to find new ways to keep them entertained. Yes, patios and rooftops are awesome, but as John Travolta's physique taught us in Wild Hogs, too much drinking without exercise is going to bounce us from that list quick. PedalPub allows us to continue laying down judgment on our chubby neighboring states, by providing a way to stay active without robbing us of our sweet, sweet booze.

3) What about athletic non-drinkers?

One of the things people bitch about most when it comes to PedalPubs is that it causes traffic backups, keeping non-Pedaling motorists from getting around town. If we're going to make a case for outlawing PedalPubs for holding up traffic, then what about the 5K races, marathons, cycling events, Loppet ski festival, and all of the other non-drinking events that clog up the roads for hours, as opposed to a couple of minutes (tops) like PedalPub does? Should we shut all of those down too? Should we, the people who prefer automobiles over moving our limbs, be forced to waste our precious seconds waiting for you to shuffle out of our way? Is this a complete overreaction and a thin argument at best? Maybe. But like Tim Allen taught us in Wild Hogs, when you believe in something you go after it no matter what.

Seriously though, on behalf of every 50th birthday party, bachelorette outing, or group of friends who need a reason to get together once a year, ease up on the PedalPub. Let the non-emotional debate rage on!

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