This week's top tweets from the local comedy scene

Standups are funny off the mic, too.

Standups are funny off the mic, too.

Twitter is pretty much essential for any fledgling comedian, and the jokesters in the Twin Cities scene are no exception. From live tweets during the Super Bowl to blues over the upcoming Valentine’s Day, here’s a look at the top local funny tweets this week.
— rana may (@rana_may) February 9, 2016 Rana May hosts Donut Party open mic Sundays at Grumpy’s Downtown. She’s also a co-host of PssyCtrl, a new all-women standup showcase at the Comedy Corner Underground.
Justin Colucci writes The Trashcan blog, which landed him a spot in our Artist of the Year issue.

Drew Janda co-hosts Boy Kisses, a weekly alt-comedy show Sundays at Universe Games.

Meanwhile, City Pages' Best Local Comic of 2015 talks about her Valentine’s Day woes:

Acme’s second Funniest Person in the Twin Cities, Chloe Radcliffe, on Eli Manning’s Super Bowl reaction:

Raghav Mehta is a co-host of Good Night America, a new variety show at Honey in northeast Minneapolis. Here’s his take on the halftime show:
When he’s not serving, Turner Barrowman co-hosts Boy Kisses at Universe Games on Sunday nights:  Ryan Stout is Acme Comedy Company’s headliner this week.

John Thomas co-hosts The Answer, a standup and trivia show, each week at Acadia.

David Sitrick hosts Stand-Up Sundays the first Sunday of every month at Fair State Brewing Cooperative in Northeast.