This week's must-see art shows

Bike Night at Mia.

Bike Night at Mia. Photo courtesy Mia

 We’re so fortunate in the Twin Cities to not only have wonderful art museums in both Minneapolis and St. Paul, but also to have a robust art scene that permeates our neighborhoods. In storefront spaces, small galleries and DIY locales, art is everywhere you look. This weekend is a perfect time to make a field trip to your favorite haunt or someplace entirely new. 

Bike Night at Mia’s Third Thursday

Where: The Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia), 2400 S. 3rd Ave., Mpls.

What it’s about: The highly popular Bike Night at Mia is back once again this year, with an organized ride to the event, special old-fashioned high-wheel bicycles courtesy the Cycling Museum of Minnesota, awesome bike posters from ARTCRANK, spin-a-paint and safety checks by The Hub Bike Co-Op and much more. There’ll be live music from Warehouse Eyes and Totally Awesome Summer, a photo booth run by Nice Ride Minnesota, and gear displays by Shinola, One on One Bicycle Studio, Handsome Cycles, and Cherry Cycles. Oh, and there’ll also be food trucks on hand, plus Bingo.

Why you should go: What could be more fun that bicycles and art? You can actually ride your bike through Mia’s front doors for this fun event, hob nob with other bike lovers, and as a bonus, check out the opening of Austin Swearengin’s “Sweetheart the Rent is Due” exhibition, now in the new Minnesota Artist Exhibition Program’s newly renovated US Bank gallery.

When: 6-9 p.m. Thursday

Peeping Tom for the Mother Station

Where: Yeah Maybe, 2528 E 22nd St, Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Artist Josh McGarvey creates an immersive environment of sound beds and projections, in the basement of Yeah Maybe, a DIY Gallery space based in the Seward neighborhood. With sound controlled remotely by artist Bert Gan in Denver, there will be additional sound sourced live from microphones interacting with sculpture, plus a 16 mm film upstairs that will also be filtered and manipulated from Denver.

Why you should go: Our current age of fast-paced digital communication lends itself perfect to this collaboration, where artists aren’t even in the same city, and yet can still work together to create an installation work in the moment. With the idea of exploring other worlds— both literally and metaphorically, it promises to be a trip.

When: 7-10 p.m. Friday

The Art of Hassan Nor with Poetry by Kaaha Nasteexo and Aishah Mohamed

Where: Third Place Gallery, 3730 Chicago Ave. S., Studio B

What it’s about: Somali elder Hassan Nor depicts memories of his homeland in times of peace in this exhibition of drawings curated by artist Pamela Gaard. The opening night exhibition is accompanied by intergenerational performances featuring Nor as story teller and poems by Aisha Mohamed (his granddaughter) and poet Kaaha Nasteexo.

Why you should go: When Hassan Nor moved to Minneapolis nearly 15 years ago, the drawings he had been making for his entire life didn’t survive the journey. But since settling, Nor has been making a new crop of drawings, made from paper rolls he’s purchased at the local dollar store, that evoke the Somalia he remembers before time of war, filled with hand crafted furniture, clothing and dwellings. Nor made a splash last month for his first public display of artwork ever as part of Made Here, a project of Hennepin Theatre Trust, and now gets a solo exhibition, thanks to The Awesome Foundation, who funded the project.

When: 7-10 p.m. Saturday

No More Ideas About My Ideas

Where: Sadie Halie Projects, 3653 25th. Ave., S., Minneapolis

What it’s about: Out of town artists Alyse Ronayne (NY), Carlos Rosales Silva (NY) and Jeff Eaton (MO) are featured in this exhibition that highlights artists working through intuitive means. Coming from a place of questioning, each artist moves form an organic standpoint, without fully-fledged ideas defined before they start the process.

Why you should go: Sometimes, you just have to get out of your own head. While it’s certainly possible for an artist to think up fully formed thoughts and execute them to the letter through their art, that’s not the only way to do it. Sometimes, ideas emerge peripherally, seeping into the work as it's in process. This show offers the latter kind of artwork, through both abstract and representational work.

When: Opening reception 7-10 p.m. Saturday.