This week’s funniest tweets from the local comedy scene: Workplace woes

It’s early in the week, which means most of us at a crummy office or at other workplaces for another shift of boredom and misery. But wherever you work, it’s not always that bad, right, Turner Barrowman?
— Turner Barrowman (@turnerbarrowman) April 18, 2016
Whether you work at a restaurant or a law office, hopefully this look at the funniest tweets of the week from the local comedy scene will cure your Tuesday blues.

Why even write a resume when you can write this?

As standup Ben Katzner shows us that sometimes the real challenge is just getting to work. Or, not getting to work…

Emails are boring 99 percent of the time. But every once in awhile, as Drew Janda points out, you get a juicy one…

Let’s skip checking emails and check Facebook’s trending updates with Acme regular Derek Henkels:

Okay, never mind, the news is depressing. Allow standup Robert Fones to suggest a more unifying news outlet:
What about the folks who don’t have day jobs? Let Andy Erikson challenge you with this:
Well, as standup Chloe Radcliffe illustrates, it could be worse. At least your job doesn’t look like this:
Perhaps a day off is necessary. Maybe grab dinner with dad? Standup Andrew Friedman demonstrates why that might not be the best idea:
At least you can relax with a little love. Just be quiet, as comedian Brandon Reynoso points out: