This week's funniest tweets from the local comedy scene: Kids

It’s difficult to make a living as a comedian, but it’s even harder raise a child on a standup’s salary. Even Louis C.K., one of the most successful comedians ever, struggles with it weekly on his show.

Most of these local jokesters don’t have kids, and judging from their Twitter accounts, that’s probably a good thing. Here’s a look at the funniest tweets this week.

Standup and comic book writer Eliot Rahal might’ve made a breakthrough therapy realization here:

— Eliot Rahal (@EliotRahal) May 2, 2016
While Boy Kisses co-host Drew Janda envisions a progressive, health-conscious parenting style…

The parents around PssyCtrl co-host Rana May have even weirder child-health concerns:

Maybe Janda’s Boy Kisses co-host Robert Fones went to the same elementary school as ThinkProgress?

Acme regular Nate Abshire keeps his parenting style close to the vest:

While standups Ryan Kahl and Elizabeth Ess stay hip on the kids’ mopey music: