This week’s funniest tweets from the local comedy scene: Easter eggs

Easter Sunday was yesterday, and between fistfuls of chocolate and mandatory family time, standups from the local comedy scene took to Twitter to voice their most hilarious musings on the Christian holiday. But Easter wasn’t the only thing on their minds, here’s a look at some of the funniest Tweets from the local comedy scene last week.

Standup and Boy Kisses co-host Turner Barrowman summed up our true desires on Easter:
— Turner Barrowman (@turnerbarrowman) March 27, 2016
Devoted Cadbury cream egg lover Adam Quesnell voiced his contagious appetite for the Easter-y snack:

Here’s Sam Wilbur’s nerd-friendly hot-take on Easter:

And part two of his tech-themed Easter jokes:

Speaking of phones, here’s a giggle from former Acme regular (and now Last Comic Standing star) Andy Erikson:

While we’re talking about technology, standup Cory Rosen offers this thought: How many ‘viral’ videos do you actually watch?

Then again, maybe it’s all the same whether or not we saw the video. As Boy Kisses co-host Collin Klug says…

Maybe internet content is a tool for the rich to dominate the poor? Might sound like a wild argument, but standup and Donut Party open mic host Rana May is onto something with this Tweet:

On that note, here’s a joke about another person trying to dismantle the gap between upper and lower classes, standup and Boy Kisses co-host Drew Janda: