This week’s funniest tweets from the local comedy scene: April Fools

As the world grows bleaker and Twitter becomes more and more difficult to look at, it’s holidays like April Fool’s Day that inspire local comedians to tweet its funniest and sunniest thoughts, right? 

— Fancy Ray McCloney (@TheFancyRay) April 2, 2016 All Fancy Ray dad jokes aside, surely the Twin Cities comedy scene had some funny, not-too-depressing takes to tweet on April 1, right? Okay, maybe not this one from standup Patrick Ryan Bauer.
Aside from April’s inaugural foolery, here’s a look at the funniest tweets this week from the local comedy scene.

Acme regular Patrick Susmilch must be feeling powerful near the release of his debut standup album, Validate Me Boy Kisses’ Drew Janda started the month off with some hot political commentary:

Not into political humor? Take some parenting advice from standup Brandon Reynoso: Okay, maybe April’s tweets aren’t as jolly as one might assume. Let’s just end with these cuter quips from stand-ups Andy Erikson, Maggie Faris, and Zane Van Cleave: