This week's funniest tweets from the local comedy scene

If you've have any interest in music and/or Twitter, you inevitably saw one of Kanye West's incendiary tweets this week. Let's take a breather from Kanye (just a minute!), for a sampling of the funniest tweets this week from local comedians.

First, let's take a look at some Valentine's Day woes.

Things might be looking up for standup John Thomas, who made a slight improvement from his previous 'tines.
— John Thomas (@CacklePunk) February 15, 2016
However, old habits die hard for the comedian, who co-hosts The Answer at Acadia.  At least Thomas is not one of the self-congratulating boyz that comedian Sam Wilbur is talking about. Leave it to Rana May (host of Donut Party open mic) to sum up our Valentine's Day empathy: Forget romance; did standup Senthil Rajasekharan go to the Walker's Winter of Love show? Good Night America co-host Raghav Mehta was too furious over the reaction to Antonin Scalia's death to care. Standup Patrick Susmilch is looking forward to a new justice for the millennial generation. Once again, May sums up our sentiment exactly: So forget Kanye, Scalia, and Valentine's Day; let's celebrate the present with Welcome Mat; Open Mic host Cory Rosen.