This Roseville gas station is haunted by a ghost, probably [VIDEO]

The ghost of Roseville eventually got thirsty and checked the fridge, but, sadly, had already scared off the only attendant working at B-Dale Corner Store.

The ghost of Roseville eventually got thirsty and checked the fridge, but, sadly, had already scared off the only attendant working at B-Dale Corner Store. Youtube

 If you were a ghost, what would you do?

Aside from the obvious.

"The obvious," of course, meaning: Seek revenge by haunting those who wronged your corporeal existence, make pottery with Demi Moore, and attempt to shoplift snacks and a drink from a suburban gas station.

The revenge and the pottery parts are depicted in countless books and movies. The latter ghostly goal, the one about trying to cure the munchies, is the subject of a recently posted surveillance video which originates out of suburban Roseville, Minnesota. 

The site of this haunting is the B-Dale Corner Store, a nondescrpit Shell gas station located a couple miles east of Rosedale Shopping Center, a few blocks from Lake McCarrons... and just across County Road B from a funeral home.

The video under review was published to Youtube on Saturday by an account called "Scream Paralysis," which was created on October 10. "I'm only interested in what frightens you," reads the account's "About" page. "The rest is inconsequential." Since its creation, Scream Paralysis has only uploaded one video. 

There's little context for this clip -- "Whats going on here?" Scream Paralysis asks, apparently too petrified even to punctuate -- but City Pages, a trusted source of very true local news, has been in contact with a person who knows a person who claims to know exactly "whats going on here."  A ghost is going on here.

Our source explains:

"I received this video from a friend of mine. He claims the guy in the footage called his employer and quit that night. When my friend showed up in the morning to open the store he had a huge mess to clean up. He went through the security footage expecting to see his coworker tearing up the store and saw this. He didn't want to post it himself because he doesn't know if it was real or just an elaborate prank that his now ex-coworker pulled. I do however know for a fact that this footage is from a gas station in a suburb of St. Paul."

And we, having watched the video a few times, know for a fact it has a visible sign hanging up that says "B-Dale Corner Store." So, there you have it, mystery solved. B-Dale Corner Store in Roseville, Minnesota, is haunted by a ghost who once knocked some snack food off a shelf, scared off an employee, and proceeded to haunt a then-empty store for a little while.

If there's a scarier moment committed to film than the part in this surveillance tape when the fridge door pops open, we'd rather not know.

Also, at around the 0:49 second mark, watch for a spectral figure which arrives in the store, then appears to hook a right ... down the very aisle where the snack food had earlier been knocked to the floor... and then doesn't even pick it up and put it back on the shelf

What kind of monster just leaves it there? Beware, Roseville. 

A call to B-Dale Monday evening found a surprised-sounding employee saying he wasn't aware of the video, but would check in with store management. City Pages neglected to ask the guy who answered the phone if he was a ghost.

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