This rock: Two ducks or one owl?

u/alien_on_the_moon via Reddit

u/alien_on_the_moon via Reddit

Remember The Dress? 

Back in the (relatively) halcyon days of 2015, the internet lost its shit arguing over the color of this dress. Now, as the world burns, we've finally been blessed with a regional equivalent of that viral debate: The halved Lake Superior agate you see above. 

To some, it resembles two ducks staring at one another, possibly with romantic intent. To others, it's the glaring mug of a single owl. To all, it's a worthwhile use of time to state your preference loud enough for the whole world wide web to hear. 

The agate in question first stirred curiosities on Reddit, where it racked up almost 9,000 up-votes on the r/InterestingAsFuck subreddit, all but cementing its "interesting as fuck" bona fides. "I see pigeons," stated one user, which spurred a sizable pigeon-seeing insurgency. 

But let's not muddy this great (lakes) debate: It's two ducks or it's one owl. 

Which do you see? 

Does this Lake Superior agate look like two ducks or one owl?
Two ducks
One owl
Not sure, but this much is certain: NOT two pigeons
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