This Is the Most Fantastic Map of Minnesota We've Ever Seen

UPDATE: We chatted with map-maker Levi Mills about his inspiration, the power of Reddit, and what states he's got next on his to-do list.

Ever wondered what it would look like if Minnesota was part of Middle Earth or Westeros? Now you can see... sort of.

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Etsy and Imgur user Levi Mills has created the ultimate fantasy maps of Minnesota and Wisconsin that we've seen.

Rest assured there aren't any dragons or sea monsters lurking on this map, but it does look almost exactly like a fold-out from something like, say Lord of the Rings by way of the Midwest. On the Minnesota map, Babe the Blue Ox even makes an appearance in the compass rose while a block of cheese appears on the Wisconsin one.

From the muted earth tones in watercolor to little topographical features, Mills's work hits all the fantasy map cliches on the head. Both pieces show off over 100 different cities and natural landmarks in and around each state.

"From the Iron Range in the North to the sprawling farmland of the South, this map has everything a hot dish loving Minnesotan desires," states Mills's Etsy listing.

Mills posted a photo of the Minnesota map (alongside an adorable mini sled and some Minnesota-chic hot dish!) to the photo sharing site Imgur on Monday. So far, it has gotten over 40,000 views in its first days on the site.

You can buy prints of both the Minnesota and Wisconsin maps and see more photos at Mills's Etsy store.