This is a good Minnesota T-shirt

Old Tom Foolery

Old Tom Foolery

Say you're still looking for that one item that rounds out your summer wardrobe.

Something that's versatile, lightweight and breathable, not too showy... but still broadcasts to everyone around you that you are silently judging all of them, though you'd never say to their faces how much you disapprove of their choices in life.

Consider this T-shirt from Old Tom Foolery, a Minneapolis-based retailer that mostly traffics in pithy, sarcastic, and cynical greeting crds. (One of card reads, "I could totally give you a hug right now. Instead, I'll give you this thank-you card. Less awkward for both of us.") 

The company does make and sell one shirt, though, and it's aimed squarely at the Minnesotan proud to confess and confront one of the state's most annoying personality traits. Though not by, like, saying it out loud. That would make things weird.

The "Keep Minnesota Passive-Agressive" shirt goes for $24. It comes in just one color, a shade of blue called "storm," which is kind of lucky for you, because if you had you're choice you'd probably want to get it in pink, and we think we're realizing that's maybe just not the best color on you. Unless you disagree?

Anyway here's the shirt.

Old Tom Foolery describes the item as "a must-have for any true Minnesotan — or any non-Minnesotan who wants to call us out on our bullshit." But honestly, we'd think twice about wearing a shirt like this if we were from Iowa. Not to sound mean or anything.

The same tagline comes on an 11x14 art print ($18)... and fortunately is not sold as a bumper sticker, because Minnesotans already drive weirdly enough as it is. Not that we're even the ones saying that, but some people do say that. Buncha jerks, right?

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