Theatre de la Jeune Lune vets conspire in "The House Can't Stand"

​Now opening this weekend at the U's Rarig Center is The House Can't Stand, written and performed by TJL's Steven Epp and directed by Dominique Serrand (it's a second chance to see the show, which played at the Southern Theater last October).

It's an experimental sort of drama, in which a woman (Epp) finds herself alone and isolated in her house after her children drift away and her husband dies. A phone call then leads her out into the world, ostensibly to prevent an act of violence; what transpires leads her both into the depths of her own mind and the American past. 

While Epp has been seen more and ore on local stages since Jeune Lune folded, this is a fine chance to catch him in a one-(wo)man format. And one of the greatest deficiencies on the local scene in the last year-plus is the opportunity to watch works directed by Serrand. The House Can't Stand is hopefully a first step in the right direction. 

The House Can't Stand plays May 15-29. More info here; for tickets click here

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