Theaters ready non-holiday goodies

Tired of holiday cheer? Do you want to take in a show that doesn't include a treacle-laden message? Can't stand the thought of watching Scrooge get all happy again? Some theaters feel your pain. The following is a roundup of the handful of shows running this week that have nothing to do with the holidays.

Bob Dylan: Mind Out of Time

The innovative Nautilus Music-Theater continues its Rough Cuts series for the 17th year, offering showcase performances of works in progress. This week it's Bob Dylan: Mind out of Time. Set in 1967, the piece, created by Ann Schulman, follows Dylan as he is hospitalized with a life-threatening infection. Can he find his way out of the darkness? Maybe, especially with James Dean and the jack-of-hearts offering assistance.

John Clark Donahue directs. The cast features Steven Epp, Mo Perry, Nathan Christopher, Jody Brieske, and Jairus Abts. The reading-only performance will be presented this Monday evening at the Nautilus Studio and Tuesday at the Sateren Hall at Augsburg College. Call 651.298.9913 for reservations and for more information.

Camelot is Crumbling

philip low takes a look at the Arthurian legend from the eyes of bad-guy Mordred for a weekend run at the People's Center Theatre. In the one-act play, the murderous son recounts his story while Sir Gawain, Arthur's greatest knight, travels a post-war landscape to find his queen.

After each performance, Rob Callahan will present his 2010 Minnesota Fringe Festival show Idiosynchronicity. The collection of twisting short stories and poems was a hit at last year's festival. Discounted tickets for Callahan's show are available for those who also take in Camelot is Crumbling. For information, visit the Maximum Verbosity website.

Burn This

I had hoped to take in Gremlin's production of Lanford Wilson's 1980s look at sexuality, friendship, and grief, but our weekend snowpocalypse kept me off the streets. The play centers on a loose group of New Yorkers who deal with the aftermath of a suicide, and whose own stable relationships are tossed into a tizzy. The cast includes Katie Guentzel, Wade Vaughn, Adam Whisner, and Peter Christian Hansen.

The production continues its run for one more week and earned a good notice from my Star Tribune counterpart. Contact the Gremlin Theatre for more information.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is back for a fresh run, this time in a new production at the Ordway.The big draw for the latest incarnation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice vehicle is that Anthony Fedorov, a finalist from a long-ago season of American Idol (2005), is in the title role. Jennifer Paz plays the narrator and longtime local favorite T. Mychael Rambo plays Jacob and Potiphar. The production runs through January 2.

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