'The Works' takes a look at poetry in film


It is the first Tuesday of the month, and if you are a writer (or an aspiring one), that means tonight is the perfect chance to explore creative writing on a more dynamic level at 'The Works: A Writer's Salon.'

Hosted by poet Lightsey Darst, this evening will provide discussion and the annual poetry film festival at Bryant-Lake Bowl.

An in-depth talk on the aesthetics, ethics, and poetics of poetry will begin at 7 p.m. This December installment of 'The Works: A Writer's Salon' will highlight poetry in film, featuring a new version of The Waste Land from Jay Orff and Tom Schroeder of Monkeyshow. 

Lightsey Darst, a local dance critic and author of Find the Girl, will facilitate a film on poetry presentation and the lively open discussion that is sure to follow. It has been said the new adaptation of The Waste Land will put visions of flying police cars and the Munsters in your head. What a great way to expand your mind on a chilly Tuesday evening. 

Tickets are based on a sliding pay-what-you-can scale ranging from $6 to $12 dollars. 'The Works: A Writer's Salon' takes place every month, so if you feel compelled to be a bigger part of the next installment, or a presenter, contact Lightsey directly with your thoughts and ideas.