The University Avenue Project: Call to submit

The University Avenue Project: Call to submit
Photo by Linda Chryssomallis

This past May award-winning photographer Wing Young Huie opened "The University Avenue Project." An ongoing collaboration running through October 31, the exhibition isn't limited to a single address--it is the street itself. Along a six-mile stretch of University, people can find installations in storefront windows, large-scale projections on buildings, and special nightly screenings at the main projection site.

Now in its fourth month, the project is inviting photographers both amateur and experienced to submit pictures to be projected on a 40-foot screen as part of an upcoming community photo night.

To qualify, images must be taken on University Avenue within the following parameters: north of I-94, south of Pierce Butler, east of Emerald Street, and west of 35E. Subject matter is completely open, and can include landscapes, architecture, community members (or anyone walking down the street), landmarks, objects, conceptual images, and if they live in the area, even family portraits.

Individuals are welcome to submit up to three images. Pictures should be in a hi-res jpg format, around 1.2 MB each. Works selected for projection will be chosen at the discretion of Wing Young Huie. You can send images via email at [email protected] or drop off a CD during open hours at the main projection site (8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday at 1433 University Avenue in St. Paul). Selected photos will be projected on Sunday, September 19.

For more info, visit

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