The Turkeys launch new material on My Damn Channel


Last year, local standup heavyweights Gabe Noah, Chris Maddock, Kjell Bjorgen, Isaac Witty, Nate Abshire, Gus Lynch, and Chris Knutson teamed up with L.A.-based video producer Matt Olson to form the Turkeys. Together, the group created a series of digital sketches that aired online and in comedy clubs. This year, they're taking things to the next level, having landed a distribution deal with My Damn Channel Comedy Network. Fans will be able to check out new videos every Tuesday.

The comedy team recently loaded up three videos for your viewing pleasure. Sketches include a hilarious, not-so-erotic tale from a novelist; a standup frustrated at his psychologist, who is mining him for material/standup advice; and a male talk-show parody heavy on the toilet humor.

You can watch the videos after the jump.

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Comedy super group the Turkeys debut this weekend

To celebrate, the guys are taking the show on the road and live this weekend and next with performances planned for the Comedy Corner Underground this Friday, the Seville Gentlemen's Club Sunday, and Water Street Inn on Friday, June 6.

You can follow the Turkeys online at For more info about upcoming mini-tour, click here.