"The Thousandfold Principal" at TuckUnder Projects

Jeremy Szopinski

Jeremy Szopinski

TuckUnder Projects, visual artist's Pete Driessen's gallery in his southwest Minneapolis home, which debuted last year, is back for a second season. It opened last weekend with an exhibition featuring the work of abstract painter Jeremy Szopinski. The show, titled "The Thousandfold Principal," coincided with the debut of the the Leaky Sink Gallery in Driessen's small restroom, and is currently showcasing the work of Noah Harmon. 

The appeal of TuckUnder exists in its renegade DIY rejection of both elite for-profit galleries and the non-profit gallery scene. At the same time, it's no grungy makeshift affair, but rather an idyllic, friendly experience. Driessen's beautiful yard provides the perfect backdrop for opening-night mingling. What's really happening is that you are being invited into someone's home, with snacks and refreshments, where there also happens to be art displayed in the renovated garage and other parts of the house. 

Szopinkski applies the paint directly to terraskin paper mounted on board and found/recycled materials, Driessen, explains. However, he notes the artist's work is a lot more complex than many other artists working this way. Indeed, Szopinkski's paintings do have a depth and texture to them, perhaps in part due to the human forms lingering beneath the abstraction that are sometimes visible (though not often). 

Some of the paintings almost have a circular feeling to them, perhaps hinting at the human forms that lie beneath. A few almost look like spin art, as the paint seems to be shooting away from a central point. In any case, the pieces are colorful, vibrant, and full of movement. 

Noah Harmon's work, in the Leaky Sink Gallery, carries the artist's dark wit mingled with an almost self loathing. His cartoonish drawings with ironic sayings -- either in the piece itself or as the title -- use humor to describe the insecurities and anxieties of the human condition. 

Also on view is the start of a five month exterior project, "Look (again) Residency: Sunflower Revolution," by low-tech/high-joy artists Marlaine Cox and Karen Kasel.


Jeremy Szopinski's "Thousandfold Principle"

Noah Harmon's "Have Fun"

TuckUnder Projects

5120 York Ave. S., Minneapolis

Through June 23

Unstructured gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday, and by appointment. Please email [email protected] to confirm open hours.