The Shining to Become an Opera


Violent deaths. Evil ghosts. Men in rabbit masks. Madness. These are all things that one could expect to see at the opera, right?

This weekend, the Minnesota Opera announced its 2015-16 season. One of the more interesting offerings is the world premiere of The Shining, an operatic treatment of Stephen King's horrifying tale of the Overlook Hotel.

Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Paul Moravec, who is making his company debut, will be turning the best-selling novel into an opera. Playing the iconic role of Jack Torrance will be baritone Brian Mulligan, last seen locally in Hamlet. Soprano Kelly Kaduce will play his terrified wife, Wendy.


There's no word yet as to who they will cast as -- or how they will handle -- the main protagonist Doc, a young boy gifted with psychic abilities. Also, will the twins from the movie show up? Will the lady in room 237 get a solo? Will there be a number featuring haunted topiary creatures?

We'll have to wait quite a while to find out. The opera is coming to the stage in May 2016. For tickets and a complete list of works planned for the upcoming season, visit