The Replacements' first four albums top this week's pop culture picks


TOP PICK – The Replacements reissues (Rhino)

Of all the 1980s Amerindie giants (Hüsker Dü, Minutemen, etc.), Minneapolis's Replacements were the ones pegged for R.E.M.-size mainstream victory. Too bad they were a bunch of boozing screw-ups who never got their shit together. The band's first four albums—reissued here with tons of bonus tracks—are sloppy (Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash), sloshed (Stink), promising (Hootenanny), and flawless (Let It Be).

BOOK – Bowie in Berlin: A New Career in a New Town (Jawbone)

In the mid-'70s, David Bowie left L.A.'s coke-and-celeb lifestyle behind and moved to Germany, where he recorded a trio of albums that fans rank as his all-time best. Writer Thomas Jerome Seabrook explores the stories behind such electro-ambient classics as Low and Heroes, digging deep. He even covers in detail Bowie's production work for Iggy Pop during this fruitful period.

DVD – Lindsey Buckingham: Live at the Bass Performance Hall (Reprise)

Fleetwood Mac's frontman has always been one of pop's mad geniuses. His attention to detail has boosted not only Mac classics like Tusk, but also a handful of increasingly intermittent solo records. This DVD chronicles Buckingham's first tour in 14 years, and it's loaded with more than three decades' worth of tunes, including Mac faves "Second Hand News" and "Go Your Own Way."

VIDEO GAME – Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz (Sony)

This super-fun party game for the PlayStation 2 features more than 5,000 movie-related trivia questions for you and eight pals to wrack your brains over. It's set up like a game show—complete with yapping host—as contestants buzz in on big-screen classics like Casablanca and Star Wars. We also like the Pie Fight round, where winners get to hurl fruit-filled desserts at their virtual competitors.

CD – Midnight Oil: Diesel and Dust: Legacy Edition (Columbia/Legacy)

These preachy Australians (led by tall, bald Peter Garrett) were singing about global indignities long before most rock stars. Diesel and Dust, their 1987 tour de force, was also a commercial hit: "Beds Are Burning" reached the Top 20. This two-disc reissue includes a song previously banned from U.S. ears ("Gunbarrel Highway"), a tour documentary, and videos.