The odd worlds of "The Edge of Camp" at Bockley Gallery

Oracle by Andrew Mazorol and Tynan Kerr
Oracle by Andrew Mazorol and Tynan Kerr

"The Edge of Camp," now on view at Bockley Gallery, showcases a group of eclectic artists who take the viewer on a journey through bizarre and curious worlds. This dark and dreary winter, you might want to take a small respite to this colorful -- and sometimes intense -- exhibition featuring work by a spirited assemblage of artists. 

Untitled by Dietrich Sieling
Untitled by Dietrich Sieling

The exhibition's title comes from a mixed-media piece on canvas by Andrew Mazorol and Tynan Kerr. In it, three masked figures stand gaping at the viewer, wearing what seem to be ritualistic costumes. One is smoking a long pipe, while another holds a stick with a smoking skull at the end of it. Standing with them is an unmasked man in boxer shorts and an unbuttoned shirt. Sitting on either side of the four standing figures are two sitting, masked figures. Behind the whole scene is a pattern of stars. It's a rather haunting image, but as its title suggests, it's poking fun at itself. It's both scary and silly. 

Mazorol and Kerr also created Oracle, a piece that again depicts costumed figures, two of whom are shooting out lasers out of their eyes. There's something very dreamlike about the work, and at the same time it reminds one a B-movie that uses amateur actors and random costumes that they've found in a basement. The narratives are quite random, and yet you find yourself consumed with trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

Cross Section of a House #2 by Angelena Luckeroth
Cross Section of a House #2 by Angelena Luckeroth

Another artist featured in the show is Dietrich Sieling, previously featured on the Dressing Room blog. As was the case with Sieling's solo show at Bockley in 2011, his work bursts with energy and delight. The pieces are so bizarre that you might not understand what is going on -- a naked woman appears to be transformed into an appliance, for example. Fortunately, Sieling provides helpful notes to indicate what each of his drawings and symbols mean, allowing you to enter into his world and see what goes on inside his head. 

Storytelling and personal narrative play a big part in many of the works in the show, whether it's Angelena Luckeroth's intricate cross sectioned houses that peer into the lives of the people inside, or Lauren Roche's mixed-media works that reveal a much more intimate character study, as dark feelings seem to manifest themselves physically through a red demon-like hand or painted body. Even Lyndsay Rhymer's textile piece draws you into the narrative of some ill-begotten creature with a large orange tongue that peers expectantly outward. As a whole, the exhibition tends to take you into a kind of alternate universe, one that is much more colorful, exciting, and dramatic. 


"The Edge of Camp"
Through February 23
Bockley Gallery
2123 W. 21st St., Minneapolis
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Bockley Gallery

2123 W. 21st St.
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