The Muppets take Uptown


Ready to take a break from the holiday hustle and bustle? Put that ugly Christmas sweater back in the closet for now, and come relive the wonder you experienced as a small child by watching The Muppets Take Manhattan tonight in Uptown.

​The Uptown Theatre will screen the 1984 film The Muppets Take Manhattan at 12:15 a.m.--perfect timing to help wind down a busy week or make up for a not-so-good office holiday party this afternoon. Whatever the case, how can Kermit and the gang not put you in good cheer no matter what the season? 

This particular Jim Henson film not only chronicles the trials and tribulations of the Muppets as they seek fame in the Big Apple, it also introduces the precious Muppet Babies for the first time, and, of course, the history making marriage of Kermit and Miss Piggy. 

Audiences will be hard pressed not to feel like a kid again as they watch the Muppets take Broadway by storm. And if Fozzie, Rowlf, and all the rest of the gang aren't enough, there are plenty of cameos in this Muppet movie too, including Brooke Shields, Liza Minnelli, and others. 

Tickets are $9, and may be purchased in advance. For a Muppets refresher, check out a trailer for the film below.