The life of a male stripper: "One time a woman bit my butt... I was bleeding from the teeth marks."

Yep, he's naked under there.

Yep, he's naked under there. Thunder From Down Under

Ben Cleary is a successful builder and small business owner from Australia. Which raises the question: How did he end up in Minnesota wearing a G-string?

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel
May 3rd 7:30 pm

That’s a question you’ll have the chance to answer for yourself this Saturday when Australia’s hottest male revue, Thunder From Down Under, visits Mystic Lake Casino Showroom. Cleary has been part of the traveling Vegas show for the past six months, and to hear it from his mouth, the experience has been every bit as wild as you’d expect.

“I was on a roof in Tasmania and my mate called me and told me they were looking for new guys to join the show,” he recalls over the phone while sitting on a tour bus in the middle of the Arizona desert. “Next thing I know, I’ve got women trying to stick dollar bills on me in places they don’t belong.”

While the appeal of Thunder is fairly obvious -- sexy, shredded Aussie bros dancing, flexing, and doing that thing with their pecs where they bounce along with music -- Cleary points out that the show is much more than just bumping and grinding.

“It’s a very impressive production,” he says. “There’s music, dancing, performances; it’s like a proper Vegas show.”

But fear not, pervy ladies, Cleary says there is plenty of man-meat on display as well. “The crowds can get a little crazy,” he laughs. “Sometimes we’re doing shows and half of the audience is on oxygen. Other times, you look out and you’ve got a lot of 21st birthdays and bachelorette parties. It can get wild. I’ve been hit with giant drink glasses and shoes. One time a woman bit my butt.”

You read that right. “I was on stage and a woman just reached up and took a bite of my butt,” he says. “I walked back into the dressing room, and I was bleeding from the teeth marks.”

Biting fetishists aside, Cleary says the show is sassy fun for everyone. “Sometimes we’ll have girls there with their mothers and their grandmothers,” Cleary laughs. “It’s fun for the whole family.”

Speaking of family, Cleary says his own family and friends have been more than just supportive when it comes to his newfound career path. “My dad was jealous when I told him I got the job,” he recalls. “And my mom just wanted to know if I could get her free tickets. Oh, and all of my mates asked me to get them jobs.”

There will be no shortage of accents, abs, and action inside the Mystic Showroom this weekend. “I have just as much fun as the crowd does,” Cleary says. “It’s something I never expected to be doing, but I’m loving every second of this job. Plus, we’re looking see some snow outside for Christmas and then heating things up inside.”

While that might sound corny in writing, it sounds sexy as hell when spoken in a thick Aussie accent. Strong hustle, Thunder Ben.


The Thunder From Down Under
Saturday, December 10
8 and 10:30 p.m.

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