The Late Late Breakfast promises laughs, pancakes


Pancakes and comedy go together like, um, pancakes and comedy.

That’s the idea behind The Late Late Breakfast, “America's longest-running breakfast-themed comedy-style show product.”

Based out of Chicago, the show is equal parts standup, improv, game show, and variety act, making it a chaotic playground of comedy.

“We like to consider it standup comedy with a game chance and improv,” says Danny Maupin, who along with Tyler Jackson created and now hosts of The Late Late Breakfast. “It’s definitely not your typical show.”

While the happening has managed to gather quite the following in Chicago, this summer will be the first time taking Breakfast on the road.

“We did this at a few festivals and it worked really well. So we figured, 'Why don’t we go to all of these different cities and mess with their comedians?” Maupin explains.

As for the Minneapolis show this Saturday, Jackson and Maupin say that they plan to use all local talent, and the duo is already working hard to think up ways to throw the comedians off of their game, whether that entails tossing pies or flying kites.

“We’ll do challenges where we do things like make the comedian do their set, but do a series of impressions while they go,” Jackson says. “Another time, just recently in Chicago, we did a show where we gave the crowd those exploding poppers and told them to keep throwing them at the stage during one person’s set. Our goal is to make even the most confident performer step outside of their comfort zone.”

According to the duo, the show used to attract primarily comedians looking to watch their fellow comics, but in recent years it has expanded its fan base significantly.

“We get a good mix of people at our shows,” Maupin says. “I think people are drawn to it because they know it’s not going to just be your standard comedy show. It’s always different.”

Although the performers, jokes, and challenges may change from show to show, the one thing that remains the same are the pancakes. In keeping with the theme of the day, the guys serve free pancakes to everyone in attendance, and even prepare the pancakes themselves before the shows.

“If we’re taking a Megabus or something like that, then we need to find someone locally who has a griddle we can use,” Jackson says. “But for this Minneapolis show, we’re actually bringing our own griddle so we should be all good.”

While it may seem like a daytime show where comedians are put in unfamiliar and uncomfortable positions could be a recipe for disaster, the guys are insistent that the chaos is the best part of the day.

“We figure that if a comedian’s set goes great, even dealing with the challenges and everything, then it makes that performance even funnier. But if it’s awful and all falls apart, there’s comedy in that too.”


The Late Late Breakfast

Grumpy’s Bar & Grill - Minneapolis

Saturday, July 18, 2 p.m.

FREE (donations accepted)

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