The Ivey Awards, Minnesota's Tonys, closes curtains

Co-host Regina Marie Williams poses at the State Theatre before the show.

Co-host Regina Marie Williams poses at the State Theatre before the show. Thomas John Wallace

There will be no final bow for the Ivey Awards; this week a committee voted to disband after 13 years.

Founded in 2005 by Scott Mayer, the Iveys have been a glam night attended by the Twin Cities top actors, directors, set designers, and more. The evening featured live performances highlighting the best moments in Twin Cities theater that year. Awards were also given, with honors bestowed on up-and-coming talents as well as lifetime acheivement awards.

The event has always relied on support from fundraising, donations, and sponsorships. According to a statement released this afternoon, these income sources have dried up.

"It has become increasingly difficult to raise the money necessary to produce the quality awards show we have all come to expect," states Fran Davis via release for the Ivey Awards Board & Advisory Committee. "Fiscal responsibility has always been a source of pride for our non-profit organization, and risking its reputation or solvency was never an option... sometimes good things come to an end."

Over the years, the Iveys have showtcased emerging talent, as well as highlighting the lifetime achievements of institution founders such as Dudley Riggs (Brave New Workshop), Lou Bellamy (Penumbra Theatre), and Michelle Hensley (10,000 Things Theater).