The Haunted Basement is moving into an abandoned Herberger's

The Haunted Basement returns.

The Haunted Basement returns. Courtesy event organizers

The crew is calling it a "necropolis for the mall enthusiast."

For over a decade, the Haunted Basement has been scaring the shit out of thrill-seekers each Halloween. The event started in the unfinished basement of the Soap Factory before striking out on its own in a space on East Hennepin Avenue. This year, it's spreading out even more, taking over a huge storefront in the Rosedale Center.

“It’s a big growth spurt for us,” says Sarah Salisbury, production director for Haunted Basement. “This being our 13th year, we thought we’d test our boundaries as ‘teenagers’ and try something bigger and scarier than years past.”

Mall walkers may want to avoid the southeast corner of the mall’s lower level, as the ghouls, spectres, and undead will be roaming the group's new space, which has over 20,000 square feet and was formerly a Herberger's. (Abandoned department stores are also spooky!)

The Haunted Basement crew are currently working on their new digs in preparation for a September opening (the event will run through November 2). 

A few other changes  are planned as well. For those who aren't into handsy scares but want to explore the dark abyss, no-touch tours will be offered. Teens 15 and over with a guardian will also be able to enjoy these evenings. And since the new location is ADA compliant, folks with varied needs will have more access than ever before. 

For those who love the original event, the Basement will still be offering 18-plus nights for full-on freak-outs. And yes, you'll still have to sign a waiver.  

“I can’t wait to see – or hear – our guests’ reaction to Haunted Basement,” says Sarah Fossen, director of marketing and experience at Rosedale Center. “Halloween is now the second biggest holiday after Christmas, and we know that people are looking for experiences more exciting than bobbing for apples.” 

Come for the artist-curated experience, run from the scares. Find tickets and info at