The Haunted Basement has found a new home

Ashley Berry Photography

Ashley Berry Photography

The last time we checked in with the Haunted Basement, the crew had escaped the Soap Factory (the gallery is working on remodeling its space). After a couple of summertime fundraisers, however, it was up in the air as to where the ghosts and ghouls would would go to freak people out this Halloween.

Fortunately, the horrors will continue, as the Haunted Basement is moving into new digs. You'll be able to find the spectres and spooks at the old General Mills Research Factory.

“We trudged through a lot of basements to find the right location,” says creative director Christopher Barton. “When we viewed the dark corners, twists and turns in 2010 Hennepin’s basement space, it was love at first sight. We have options here we’ve never had before."

Now in its 11th year, the Haunted Basement will continue to scare the shit out of people with unexpected horrors. Previous years have included endless mazes, spinning rooms, and trips inside coffins. This year's spectacle will continue the tradition of 'fraidy cat tours, where the lights are on and there are no scares, as well as more intense, amped up offerings for those who don't freak out easily.

There are also plans to host happenings and use the new space year-round.

“This space is our home, and now we get to design all the events and programming that happen in this basement,” Barton says. “This means more performances, more workshops, more special events, exhibitions, movie nights, parties -- not just in October, but all year.”

The Haunted Basement will run September 29 through Halloween. Tickets go on sale August 1. For updates and more info, click here