The five saddest (and most awesome) celebrity softball fails

The eyes of the sports world are about to be on Minneapolis, with the MLB All-Star festivities kicking off this weekend.

Between the Home Run Derby, the Futures Game, and the All-Star Game itself, this weekend is a dream for any baseball fan. There's one game, however, that overshadows all of these events: the annual Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game.

This Sunday, some of the greatest legends in baseball history like Jim Thome, Ozzie Smith, and Rickey Henderson will join celebrities like Nelly and Andrew Zimmern for what will likely be the most confusing afternoon of sports action we'll see all year.

To prepare you for the awesome invasion of mid-level famous folks, this week we've compiled five of the saddest -- and most amazing -- celebrity softball fails in history. And yes, it includes Tone-Loc.

Ashanti forgets to run

When R&B princess Ashanti stepped up to the plate at last year's celebrity softball game, not many people were expecting big things. What we got, however, was even less than we bargained for when she completely forgot that you have to run to first base after hitting the ball.

Sadly, the first lady of Murder Inc. was quickly tagged out, but at least she looked good in her jersey. Unlike Kevin James.

Big man, little jersey

In the same game, King of Queens' Kevin James belted out a big hit into the outfield, then hustled his way to a well-earned double. The real story, however, is James's jersey. We can't quite tell if the issue is that he can't button it over his stomach or if it pops open while he's running, but by the end he looks like the heavy kid at a public pool, huffing and puffing while trying to cover himself up with a T-shirt.

WWF Superstars of softball

Speaking of fashion, we found this video from 1994 of a group of WWF Superstars playing softball against a team of media members in Chicago. The game highlights themselves are fairly uneventful. However, with Macho Man Randy Savage wearing a fringe T-shirt, Shawn Michaels in cut-off Zubaz, and pretty much every other guy on the field sporting a fanny pack, the dress code for this charity game can only be classified as "cool-dad chic."

Keanu Reeves: The OG of Rock N' Jock

Remember those awesome MTV Rock N' Jock events from the '90s? (If you're under 25 the answer is no, but play along for our sake.) In the old days, they would actually get pretty serious A-list actors and musicians who were willing to show off their sports skills, and a lot of the time they actually turned out to be really good. And then there was Keanu Reeves.

In the Rock N' Jock softball game, Reeves was part of a team captained by Sam Kinison, and we're guessing it's a day he'd probably like to forget. Fortunately for us, the internet doesn't forget anything. In the course of one game, Reeves has a temper tantrum after being picked off by Tone-Loc at first base, then later he face-plants while trying to make an ill-advised diving catch. As an added bonus, Reeves's error in the outfield allows Kevin Costner to score, and watching Costner's hair blow in the wind as he rounds third is a thing of dreams (get it? GET IT?).

Mariah Carey being the best

There are dozens of videos of celebrities who have eaten major shit when throwing out the first pitch a baseball game. 50 Cent just embarrassed himself. Carly Rae Jepsen had a pretty brutal episode last year. But no one can compare to Mimi.

When Mariah Carey was asked to throw out the first pitch at a Japanese baseball game, she came in full-diva style, complete with giant heels, sunglasses, and a satin jacket. As for the throw, words don't even do it justice. Enjoy.

What will happen this weekend when Fat Joe, Adrian Peterson, and Sway from MTV take the field? We can only imagine. But until then, we'll leave you with the first nine minutes of that original Rock N' Jock softball game so that you can kill your afternoon watching Sammy Hagar, MC Hammer, Belinda Carlisle, and David Faustino set the bar for all future celebrity athletes.