The Cosby Sweater Project captures the Huxtable family's most fashionable moments


Anyone who grew up in the '80s knows that the Huxtable family had an epic passion for colorful, patterned sweaters. In an era filled with garish colors, neon decor, and lots of pastels, the wardrobe department on Bill Cosby's hit show knew how to sate our thirst for colorĀ  like no other (the sweaters that appear to be inspired by Atari games are especially awesome).

For the past couple months the anonymously-created blog The Cosby Sweater Project has been documenting the show's epic runway of sweaters, from little Rudy's striped cardigan to Cosby's brown-and-red academic get-up worn in the show's pilot. The blog appears to be documenting the sweaters (and other colorful garments) in chronological order. Will we see how sweater fashion changed over the show's 10-plus years on the air?

[jump] As an added bonus the blog creator draws her own take on each sweater pattern so that readers can get a closer look, or simply enjoy an arty interpretation of each episode's fashion statements.

See below for some examples, and be sure to check out the blog as it is updated regularly (perhaps its author is an unemployed artist with an appetite for daytime reruns?).