The Church Basement Ladies in A Mighty Fortress Is Our Basement

The latest Church Basement Ladies show (the fourth in the hugely popular series) is certainly attractive for those who don't like conflict in their theater. The events of the play are more like little bumps in the road than major detours in life. Even a threat to one of the farms is just the superhighway coming through, and they're only taking part of it, and they're paying for it as well. What A Mighty Fortress Is Our Basement has going for it is a good set of songs and some fun comic set pieces that are strung together mainly along the theme of "reformation." The biggest—and story- and humor-wise, the best—is the pastor's coming marriage, which has the gang in a tizzy of preparation and fear of the unknown (brought to life by elder Vivian, who doesn't like any kind of change, even in the serving plates). Greta Grosch crafts a light and funny (if a bit draggy) script, and Drew Jansen's songs are bright and frothy, all of which allows the cast to bring out the familiar beats of their characters and teach a few lessons along the way. The biggest here is that the dreaded Catholics are not really all that much different, if their (nearly identical) church basement is any indication. $21-$38. 2705 Annapolis Lane N., Plymouth; 763.553.1600. Open run