'The Art of Vasili Nechitailo' featured at TMORA

The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA) in Minneapolis kicked off the second installment of its "Discovering 20th Century Russian Masters" series with "The Art of Vasili Nechitailo," a collection of works by renowned painter. This is the first individual display of his works outside of Russia.

"The Art of Vasili Nechitailo" not only gives Minnesotans the chance to view 60 original paintings by one of Russia's most celebrated artists, it also allows us a glimpse into Russian Impressionism, a period and that has only opened up to Westerners in the last few years. 

​While it's true that certain parts of the Impressionist era are very well known in the U.S. and have been for decades, including Tolstoy, and the music of Tchaikovsky, the depths of this extensive movement with regard to art and painting in particular, from the 1930s through even the '80s, are still being uncovered stateside today. 

The more recent exposure of artists like Nechitailo (1915 - 1980) bring forward a new frame of mind when considering art's historical timeline, while also shedding light on a people's history that was once curtained off to most living outside the border.

Nechitailo's technique and style were born out of his training in Moscow, his intuitive application of color, and his connection to his home village in southern Russia, which prompted abundant and bewitching portraits of sweeping wheat fields, farmers in the midst of a golden-hued harvest, and villages covered in a veil of snow.

TMORA is the only museum in North America dedicated to preserving and presenting Russian art and artifacts. Admission into the museum is $7 for adults, and free for students. Also free are guided tours of the museum every Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. 

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