The Art of Conflict exhibit at Tarnish and Gold

There's no doubt that during times of conflict, the worst and best can emerge from people on all sides. And starting this week, Minneapolis will play host to some of the artistic brilliance that has unfolded during recent struggles, as Americans and Iraqis exhibit their artwork together in the "Art of Conflict" exhibition at Tarnish and Gold Gallery

Building on the recent Sister City agreement between Najaf, Iraq and Minneapolis, artists taking part in the exhibition are from Iraq, Minnesota, and other various U.S. cities. Some have shown their work for years, and for others this will be the first time.

The show opens tomorrow, Thursday, July 29, and combines 22 different artists' expressions on what identity means to them during conflict. ​Through paint, mixed media, film, photography, and book art, the artists are given an open forum to display their unrestrained and unconfined perspective of the emotional landscapes during war. 

The Art of Conflict exhibit will run through August 28. A platform for reflection and discussion, the exhibit will touch on identity as a victim, a soldier, a veteran, a bystander; as an American , an Iraqi, and an artist. 

The significance of such a platform often is overshadowed by the inevitable politics and stereotypes, but whether we agree with or understand the artwork displayed in front of us, the point is that it is being shared and documented. And perhaps through that act of sharing, a better understanding will emerge. 

The opening reception on Thursday will run from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at Tarnish and Gold on 15th and Marshall Street, and is free and open to the public.

The Art of Conflict exhibit at Tarnish and Gold
(Photography by: Aaron McLeod)

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