Terror Eyes opens at Cult Status Gallery

​The images horror movies manage to conjure up are nothing short of memorable--even when you wish you could forget. No matter how campy the acting or how low the film's budget, the visual effects are usually worth 60+ minutes of your life. 

Opening tonight at the Cult Status Gallery in Uptown, two west coast artists will give their take on the world of cult- and b-horror film through works of collage for "Terror Eyes." Heather Gabel and Chris Norris (a.k.a. Steak Mtn.) manipulated film stills, movie posters, and graphic art, generating an array of horrifically beautiful pieces.

​Described as a show with face-melting images of movies that never happened but should have, the mood of Terror Eyes will push away comfort zones and get conversation buzzing. Gabel and Steak Mtn. both have extensive experience designing for bands, including Alkaline Trio, Against Me!, and others. In addition to conceiving thought-provoking album and merchandise art for bands, both have also created their own collection of fine art. 

Gabel mixes painting, collage, and photography to produce images inspired by, in her own words: prosthetic limbs, fancy grandmas, and old movies. Steak Mtn. is a graphic artist and illustrator who is continually influenced by cartoonist Gary Panter, Rob Zombie, and his bootlegged copy of the Japanese horror film Hausu.

Between the prosthetic limbs and Rob Zombie, it seems the prospect of their combined efforts in "Terror Eyes" could, quite possibly, actually melt your face off. The exhibit opens tonight with a reception from 8 p.m. until midnight, and runs through September 24 at the Cult Status Gallery on 28th and Harriet in south Minneapolis.

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