Ten Second Film Fest's greatest hits

Ten Second Film Fest's greatest hits

(Photo by Sarah Nienaber)

Fourth of July isn't complete without the Soap Factory's Ten Second Film Fest. This year's amateur filmmakers have slaved away on their camera phones, iPods, laptop cameras to create films so succinct you don't need more than a blink of an eye to appreciate them.

Show up at 8 p.m. for beer and live music from Private Dancer, or walk on over after the Red, White, and Boom! show winds down. The party is free and welcome to all ages. Around 10 p.m. the Soap Factory (518 Second St. SE, Minneapolis) will be screen the top 100 admissions. New categories this year include Mindless Violence, Hangin' Out, and Wildlife.

Check out some of our favorite submissions from past screenings below.

Button animation:

Pets make great short film subjects:

A song, a random pair of legs:

This one is pretty chill:

Balloon and water, a bad romance:

This one reminds us a little bit of the Science of Sleep:

See this one live every weekend in Uptown:

There's a moon out in the daytime:

Yep, this one is still got it. Finally, check out the 2007 winner for most disturbing (though it's not as disturbing as the toe):

Looking for more? Check out the Ten Second Film Fest Channel at

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